Sunday, 6 March 2016

feedback from senior member & FR

New FR update:


Abby FR

Name: Abby
Body - 9/10
Boobs - B or C up
Face - 8/10
Skin Type - Smooth and white, as expected from a young girl
GFE - 7/10 - Both of us a bit shy
FK - 8/10
BJ - 8/10
FJ - 9/10
WIR - Yes, but will explore other girls

As bro Jacky explained, Abby is the ANGPAI and she does live up to the expectations for a FL. If you are a selective person just like me, Abby is the first choice as this is my first time taking bro Jacky service. She looks prettier in pictures, however the real person is just as captivating if not less for girls her age.

I reached 45 mintues early and to my surpise, she is already available. Knocked on the door and after a while, a SYT opened up the door with the uniform on as requested. Went into and TCSS, while trying to roam everywhere. She is friendly, but GFE is still lacking. While I wanted to strip her slowly, she has already begun. Nontheless, the basic bath was SOP so there is nothing special to be mentioned. She was not bushy, just nice.

However, after the bath, things start to get exicted as I try to steal some kisses from her. DFK is almost to none but she is very accomodating to give u a little bit of everything. BJ was sensual and good, and the FJ was over in less than 5 minutes due to her tight pussy.

No wonder the early session ended so fast. Same went for me haha.

Abby FR

Let me share my experience on Abby. It took me a return visit to truly enjoy my session with Abby. The 1st time was a disaster to me, not that it was her fault. I had a flacid lil brother that day. Long working hours and month long of stress in delivering a dateline killed my ability to perform... Oh! the embarrassment I had to experience. The need to fulfil the lust or my needs but the inability to deliver at the crucial moment. The awkward moment was like a soldier forgetting how to salute to the officer when they meet. Aiyo... I thought it was my first and last visit to her. To my surprise, she was very supportive and allowed us to continue with lots of foreplay. Eventually she was able to get my little armies out with an intense mouth service. It was then I realize I need a return visit to finish what I started.

2nd visit... sweet as I remembered her, Abby greeted me at the door with her charming smile. She teased me that I return so quick and we both enjoyed that little joke. One thing I like about her is her friendliness. Let me manage your expectations, Abby is a girl next door gal. So you will receive a very girl next door service. To me these are the type of services I truly enjoy. Subtle and easy non exertive ones non acrobatic. Me, old man la so like young mei-mei's and slow slow service la. Hahahahahaha... For me, I would return for her... It makes me feel like I am having fun with my first love in school. Oh! the feeling and the memories returning back to me. Hehehehehehe... I feel excited now even thinking of our session together. hehehehehehe...

Atika FR

Call jacky to book at 1pm. She arrived early so met her around 12.50. Once enter she greet me, then we had a hug just to break the ice.. Start with dfk.. Passionate one.. Then turn to wild one.. Damn gud kisser. She asked me to lie down and rileks.. She get undress.. Wow!! Nice figure.. Firm breast.. B cup.. We continue with dfk.. Tongue fighting.. Then i suck her nipple.. She mouned and asked for more.. Go south... Daty and finger fuck her.. She love it.. After a while she cum.. We dfk again.. She really love it.. A continue play with her clit.. She wet again... Finger fuck her for second time.. Man... She want it more.. This time lick with finger fuck till she cum for second time.. We cuddled and kiss like hell... And u asked her to masturbate in front of me.. She said ok.. God!! This girl really naughty one... She played with her clit.. And finger fuck herself till she cum for the third times... She wild man!!.. She wanna blowjob me.. I said ok but u want cim.. She lick my dick.. Deepthroat.. And finally i cum in her mouth... Damn gud.. She dry mi dick and she swallow all my sperm... Overall she damn gud.. 10/10 bro.. Definitely wir bro jacky

FR for Ginger

Looks: 8.5 - sexy type, beautiful eyes, luscious lips
DFK: 9 - no holding back all out passion
Body: 9 - huge natural breast, well proportioned
FJ: 9 - natural moans, very passionate lover
GFE: 10/10 - perfect - articulate and fun - opens the door naked 
Overall one of the best I've had !

FR for Ginger

Looks: 8 very2 luscious lips...agagaga
Body: 9 - huge natural breast and firm! Pink tits
DFK: 8 - GF type
DATY: 10 - she loves it! Till her cum
FJ: 10/10 loud and screaming!
GFE: 9/10
BBBJ: 7 no complains hahaha
WIR: yup!!

Overall superb. I was still doing her very deep and hard both missounary and doggy. She cum 3 times during the 1 hour non stop action. Sad thing I still haven't cum but she was already tired and pussy sore. So pity her.

Thnks bro

Kiran fr by Difgah

Face : 7
Body :7
Boobs :7 b cup
Ass : 7 bigggg
Pussy : 8 clean and shaven
Dfk : 9 suck ur tongue
Bbbj : 6 a bit amateur
Fj : 9 wi do anything for you
Daty : 9 wet wet wet
Gfe : 10 like ur hormy gf
Overall 9 a gem

When I saw that she a available I knew I had to book her. MSG Jacky to confirm and off I go. At the appointed time I went to the room and knock. The door open and this syt punjabi girl strode before me. I smiled sheepishly and we adjourned to the couch for ice breaking. A few minutes later we started to dfk. We dfk to the bed and took off our clothes. Man, she can suck ur tongue till you have no breath. My substitute breathing by daty on her. Lick, finger, repeat. She was so wet. Unbelievable. Then the bbbj started but this was so-so. Capped on and proceed to missionary. My god I never expected to have pornstar sex with a syt punjabi. We dfk during missionary and cowgirl. So so good. Then I ask her if I can cum on her body and she said yes. After I cum, she rub it all over her body!! Goddamn!! Off we go to shower together and talk a bit more. Had a coffee, which she made, then I left a happy camper. A real gem guys.

Kiran FR

Face: 8/10, just luv her face
Body: 8/10, model body, tall and slim with very nice boobs long nipple to play with, fit nicely cup 1 hand
BBBJ: 7/10 nice bj with room for improvement. Nevertheless, I almost came.
FJ: 9/10, she is really into it. Very nice moans
GFE: 9/10. The minute she came into the room, she's instantly my attentive gf. Friendly and fun to be with.
Overall: Easily one of my best experience so far in terms of feel good factor, service and appearance. Worth the price !

Lara FR by wilson

Today made a booking for Lara. It has been a while since I took a Mongolian. I took the 12pm slot however there was some complication anyway to cut short she wasn't happy and it was a bad day for her. I offer her an ear to listen her story.
After she settle down, it time for the main business, both if us get comfy on the bed before we start off a light kiss. I slowly fondle her breast and it stay for a min or two until she told to lay flat and she start giving bj. It was slow and steady. I have seen so many fr and now I am experienced it myself, she lack of suction but she compensate with her skill on liking my hard rod. After a good 5 to 10 min of bj she go get the comdom.
There was people outside so she don't dared t moan out load. The entire a experience I had to work hard from missionary to doggy and back to missionary. Finally I give in with the last hard pump.
Name : Lara
Race : Mongolian
Age : 20
Face : 9/10
Boob : big and solid
BJ : superb, 10/10
HJ : very playful
FJ : nice n thight pussy
DFK : Yes
DATY : no d/t hygiene purposes
GFE : 9/10
Damage : RM600
WIR : I am spoiled with choices.

LARA FR by bro RZ

Took 2 sessions. Very horny lady Look 9/10 slim+long hair Body 9/10 attitude 8/10 very patient towards customer BBBJ 9/10 (superb!!!) FK 9/10 great kisser FJ 8/10 damn she's good plenty of stamina. Fucked her real hard (pornstar material can do whatever style you want) WIR Yes! If budget allows! Just be nice with her and she'll treat you like a king.

FR On Lara By Lv

Name : Lara
Race : Mongolian, has fairly good commands in english
Age : 20
Face : 9/10
Boobs : 34D 8/10 really nice to grab
Ass : just nice on her,not to big neither too small
BJ : superb, 10/10
HJ : Nice
FJ : nice n thight pussy
DFK : Yes
DATY : not allowed
GFE : 9/10
Damage : RM600
She also has a nice tattoo.
WIR : Sure but may want to try her friend Dayana or Omi Met them after the session.

Luru NL FR

Name: Luru
Race: NL
Face: 7.5/10 (used to be a model)
Body: 7.5/10 curvy
Boobs: B/C cup, round and firm
BBBJ: 9/10 I was trying very hard not to cum
Fingering: Yes
FJ: 8/10 just her favourite doggy position
Moan: 9/10 Loud
GFE: 9/10
Damage: RM1000
WIR: Yes
Overall:9 /10 and almost 10 if I could have FJ with her in more positions

As soon as I saw her photo and I messaged bro Jacky to made a booking. She reached earlier than scheduled
appointment time. I met her outside appointment venue. Though we had a small hiccup in parking car, she
never once angry and even calmed me down.
Once inside the room, we tcss about our interests. We share common interest and even common friend too... We
almost forgot the time and what we supposed to do. Initially, I asked her to shower alone but she requested
to bath together. Action started in the bathroom... We started DFK and kissing each other necks and my hands
roaming her delicious firm tits.
We continued our tongue fighting on bed. Then she moved south to give me blow job. My cock was in her
mouth all the time with up/down motion and deep throat.It was sensation to me and I almost cum.
Next my turn to service her... I started to tease her pussy with combination of licking and fingering pussy.
Her moan was in ecstasy and she once awhile pulled me up to DFK while i still fingering her. She cum.
Before cap on and she gave me another blow job. Then I doggy fast and hard till we both
climax at the same time. After that we still cuddled and more DFK. What a gem!
I was lucky enough to be her 1st client and thank you bro Jacky for this arrangement.

Omi FR

Body: solid firm
Boob: B
GFE: Pleasant and friendly
BJ: good
FJ: very wet n tight , accomodating with 3 basic position of mission, cowgirl, and doggy.

Overall good value better than many local girls.

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